The Salt Pot Archive


The Salt Pot was a village Newsletter compiled by Jack Harding in the 1980's. Read what was newsworthy then by clicking on the links below. This requires ADOBE READER which is provided on most computers. If you don't have this software it's a free download available at

You will notice that issues 2, 4 & 15 are missing.  If anyone still has copies of these I would be pleased to include them, contact Bill Mitchell on 01889 508284.

No 1 July 1982.pdf                        No 10 Jan 1984.pdf

No 3 November 1982.pdf              No 11 March 1984.pdf

No 5 March 1983.pdf                     No 12 June 1984.pdf

No 6 May 1983.pdf                        No 13 August 1984.pdf

No 7 July 1983.pdf                        No 14 November 1984.pdf

No 8 Sept 1983.pdf                       No 16 May 1985.pdf

No 9 Nov 1983.pdf